Fast Fashion is out- sustainability is in.

Why shop sustainably?


11% of all pollution within our oceans is due to microplastics which come from synthetic fibers and microfibers found in our clothes and swimwear. Shopping sustainably can reduce your environmental footprint on the ocean & allows you to know exactly what you are buying. 

Toxic Dyes and Chemicals

Toxic dyes and chemicals that are used in fast fashion production contribute to the over acidification of our oceans, causing declines in essential marine biodiversity. Not only are these chemicals impacting our oceans, but our freshwater supplies as well. 

Green House Gasses & Carbon Emissions

According to the The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), “The fashion industry is highly greenhouse gas intensive, with estimated emissions ranging between 2 and 8 percent of the global total.”

Ethical Issues with Fast Fashion

Fast Fashion is unethical. Ever wonder how companies mass produce new fashion trends year after year? The fast fashion industry uses exploitative and low cost labor that not only impacts the environment, but exposes it's workers to unsafe and harmful conditions.

About us!

100% of our materials are sourced in the USA and handmade by me! Blue Daze Bikinis is literally a one woman show- meaning no unethical labor practices go into the making of our suits. Our fabrics are made in the USA and sourced from companies that value sustainability- which means they are tested and free from harmful substances and chemicals that will pollute our planet. Orders are shipped in 100% biodegradable packaging. Have questions about our fabric and material sourcing? Feel free to reach out!

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Return Policy

All Tops are returnable within 2 weeks of purchase. Bottoms and one-pieces are non-returnable, unless they are damaged or broken when received! Please reach out if you are unsure about sizing or measurements!